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Saturday, September 30, 2023


Dr. Richard Munang

Deputy Director, UN Environment Programme, Africa Office | Sustainability Expert| Creative Leadership| Keynote Speaker | Multi-Award Winner | Environment Policy | Climate Action| Innovative Volunteerism|

Navigating the Carbon Market Landscape in Africa

In the boundless desert of global economic challenges, Africa's potential in the carbon market emerges as a lush oasis, rich with opportunity and promise. The...

Delivering Urban Policy Through the Climate Lens: A Comprehensive Guide for Climate Action in African Cities

In the face of global challenges, African cities are uniquely positioned. They're growing, dynamic, and are gateways to cultural and economic expansion. But these...

Leadership in an Accelerating World: Harnessing Technology for Environmental Development

Imagine a torrential river flowing with great might and power, carving out valleys, shaping landscapes, and bestowing life upon everything it touches. This river...

A Look at How Africa’s Critical Minerals Can Fuel the World’s Energy Transition

Like a seed waiting to sprout, Africa's vast reserves of transition metals - cobalt, nickel, manganese, and chromium - are ready to burst forth...

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