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Monday, March 27, 2023

AgriFood TechPreneur Programme Grant

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The Global AgriFood TechPreneur programme is a food system sustainability business development programme designed to last for 12 months.

The Global AgriFood TechPreneur will support young graduates to engage in addressing key food sustainability challenges in their country to improve food production and distribution, end hunger, end obesity and malnutrition while preventing food waste.

How Does It Work?

  1. Starting in January, graduates are invited to submit an application about a food system challenge in their country and their solution to addressing it. A team of experts will review the application and a winner will be selected from each country to participate in the AgriFood TechPreneur Programme. The top three finalist from each country will be announced as we celebrate World Engineering Day (WED) for Sustainable Development.
  2. The graduates participating in the AgriFood TechPreneur Programme will be trained to develop a robust and sustainable business plan to solve the food system challenge in their country. This is a 6 weeks interactive programme scheduled to kick off in May.
  3. Through our partnership with Financial Institutions, the AgriFood TechPreneurs will be able to access finance to scale up their solution by improving their business plan based on the learning from the small trial. For clarity, the decision to provide scale-up finance lies with the financial institution, however, we will do our best to ensure that the AgriFood TechPreneurs are well prepared and positioned to get  approval for scale up funding.
  4. Working with Universities, AgriFood TechPreneurs will be provided with support such as research facilities, land, trading platform -the World Food Tracker Platform, etc. as relevant to the solution to deliver their plan in a very small scale and validate their business proposition. The AgriFood TechPreneurs will improve their business plan based on the learning from the small trial to seek funding from financial institutions. 

Key Delivery Partners

STFC Food Network

STFC is partnering with us where 3 lucky finalists will receive training by STFC on a specific technology within STFC that will enhance food system sustainability.


Collaborating with Universities will enable AgriFood TechPreneur winners to benefit from the vast knowledge and experience available within Universities as well as utilising existing facilities to prove their business plan. The universities will  be recognised globally for their forward thinking and commitment to supporting young people to transform the food system. We will also work with the AgriFood TechPreneurs to create awareness about food system sustainability through the set up of AgriFood TechPreneur Clubs in Primary Schools and High Schools.

We are pleased to be working with some amazing Universities across the globe. Please get in touch if you will like to know more about AgriFood TechPreneur and be part of it.

Financial Institutions

Over the years, our financial institutions have continuously adapted to the ever changing market dynamics and technology advancement to ensure that we are able to carry out financial monetary transactions efficiently and conveniently. More importantly, as we transition to a more sustainable food system, the financial institutions have very significant role to play in making this possible.

We have partnered with regional development banks, national banks, international banks and forward thinking/sustainability focused investors to successfully deliver the global AgriFood TechPreneur programme. Please get in touch if you will like to know more about AgriFood TechPreneur and be part of it.

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