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Sunday, October 1, 2023

9th Annual World Ocean Summit Virtual Week

Taking action beyond ambition to restore ocean health

This global event will take place over four days, and will bring together the broadest cross-section of the ocean community, from businesses to scientists, government, investors, and civil society. It will feature six industry tracks: shipping, fishing, aquaculture, energy, tourism, and plastics.

More than 100 speakers will provide checks on how their industries are progressing towards 2030 targets, and what needs to happen next. Sessions will address cross-industry topics including ocean finance, governance, and restoration solutions. Speakers will discuss the finance gap, assess new technologies and highlight successful initiatives that are beginning to make an impact on ocean health.

On behalf of each attendee this year, we will be supporting the removal of 500,000 ocean-bound plastic bags in Goa, India, thanks to our sustainability partner: rePurpose Global.

Topics covered in each track include: 

Plenary sessions

  • Financing the blue future
  • Tackling the ocean conservation finance gap
  • Driving investment into natural capital to increase coastal resilience
  • Ocean governance and national ocean strategies
  • Ocean and cities
  • Ocean solutions to mitigate climate change
  • Blue carbon – achieving scale
  • Deep-sea mining
  • Blue biotech
  • Accelerating action towards the 2030 marine protected areas (MPA) target
  • Expectations from the UN Decade of Ocean Science
  • Revolutionising ocean data— capture, sharing and analysis
  • Marine spatial planning
  • High hopes for seaweed


  • Increasing consumers’ appetite for aquaculture
  • Putting fish welfare front and centre
  • Will early-stage investors take the plunge to de-risk growth?


  • Overcoming overfishing
  • The high-tech future of fishing
  • Agreeing upon a common approach to social issues


  • How can governments catalyse offshore renewable energy development?
  • Assessing the environmental impact of offshore wind
  • Creating a viable green-hydrogen market


  • Powering the ships of tomorrow
  • The economics of decarboniastion
  • Collaboration for decarbonisation


  • Collaborating for critical wins in plastics circularity
  • What should recycling look like in 203 and how do we get there?
  • Making the economics work: virgin v recycled plastic


  • Is tourism building back bluer?
  • The regenerative effect of tourism on the ocean
  • Mass tourism: risks v benefits

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