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Monday, March 27, 2023

Code Red (Climate) Plan For Our Kids

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The December edition of eXist, SUNx Malta’s monthly bulletin showcases the stories of our growing community battling against the climate crisis. In this edition, the magazine expresses 7 point CODE RED Action Plan, the Strong Climate Champions Program and their key SDG17 Partner in India.

This “Code Red Plan for Our Kids” which is part of SUNx Malta Climate Friendly Travel Decade Strategy, are:

  1. We need a DASH to Zero not a Race …net carbon Zero by 2030 and Zero GHG 2050. Yes, to offsets for a defined period for transition.
  2. We need to collectively bend our GHG trend, to halve emissions this decade and stop them completely within 3 decades.
  3. We need “Smart Regulation” to support this, like the EU Fit for 55. We also need markets – active carbon markets and industry innovation.
  4. We need a Kennedy type Moon-shot for zero GHG aviation 2050 A coalition of clusters of big airlines, big airports, big manufacturers, big fuel companies, big government, big research and big money.
  5. We need Travel & Tourism companies and destinations to increasingly embrace “CLIMATE FRIENDLY TRAVEL” – integrating the SDGs and Paris 1.5. We will provide a vibrant Support system.
  6. Our response must be “Glocal” Yes to the big global Principles and long-term Declarations but driven from the unique perspective of every local destination and business.
  7. Last but not least, we must recognize that Planetary Needs come way ahead of our own agenda – business or personal.

Check Out The SUNxMalta 2021 Annual Report


#ClimateActionNow through #ClimateFriendlyTravel

Making Climate Friendly Travel count….. 1 to 7

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