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Monday, March 27, 2023

TEDTalk: How to Make Radical Climate Action the New Normal – Al Gore

A net-zero future is possible, but first we need to flip a mental switch to truly understand that we can stop the climate crisis if we try, says Nobel laureate Al Gore.

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We have to change. Business-as-usual focused only on financial profit is changing our climate, destroying our planet, and deepening inequality worldwide. The good news is that the tools to do it are in our hands today. But we have to act. Now. 

That’s the unmistakable message of former Vice President Al Gore’s new TED Talk

This is Al Gore’s breaks down: 

  • How many recent climate impacts show that the climate crisis is rapidly worsening.  
  • How today’s global economy fails our planet and our people, failing to account for the real costs of carbon pollution and fueling skyrocketing inequality that threatens democracy.   
  • How we can solve this crisis with the tools already at hand, and more.  

Without a doubt, our work is cut out for us in facing these challenges. But the movement for climate justice, as Vice President Gore describes, is “the biggest emergent social movement in all of history. We can do this.” 

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