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Saturday, September 30, 2023

Telling Your Sustainability Story – a bitesize intro

Learn how to turn your sustainability activities into inspiring PR that'll gain new customers, increase repeat business and save the planet.

Are you frustrated that your business is doing great stuff to embrace sustainability and make itself greener but no-one knows this?

Do you see your competitors getting publicity (and maybe accolades) for their green commitments but you know you’re doing better?

Or maybe you don’t know how to tell your sustainability story? Is content creation and PR a bit of a mystery to you? If so, you’re not alone.

This whole PR-thing appears like a ‘dark art’ to many businesses, especially if they don’t have an in-house PR person, and I understand it can feel vague and intangible.

However, now is the time to shine the spotlight on your sustainability achievements. Consumers are keen to live greener lives and want to know how.

Companies are pushing their sustainability policies down the supply chain and choosing to buy from businesses that are demonstrably greener.

The Advantages

If you tell your sustainability story in the right way, your business will:

  • boost its profit with new customers: 81% of consumers choose to buy from companies they know are being greener; 43% of small companies have been asked about their sustainability practices by other companies
  • boost its profit with more repeat business: Ben & Jerry’s customers are 2.5 times more loyal because they know about the company’s sustainable and ethical work
  • boost its profit due to lower recruitment costs due to reduced staff turnover: a third of staff want their company to do more to tackle climate change
  • become a magnet for job seekers, especially Gen Z and Millennials: 78% of employees would rather work for a company behaving ethically & sustainably than have a higher salary

And, just as importantly, you’ll persuade and show others how to care for the planet. You’ll future-proof your business and future-proof the planet.

A win-win all round.

The Webinar

In this 30-minute webinar, Caroline will be introducing you to my effective 9-step process for how to tell a sustainability story with clarity, inspiration, and visibility so that you can grab the attention as well as the hearts and minds of your target customers and audiences, and avoid accusations of greenwashing.

The Presenter

Caroline Aistrop is the founder & creative director of Green Spark, and has been communicating sustainability for over 30 years at both national and local levels: for organisations such as the BBC Natural History Unit, The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust, RSPB, and The Conservation Volunteers. She now runs Green Spark PR agency so she can help others to effectively promote their story and persuade the world to be greener.

A zoologist/ecologist by background, Caroline delivered PR, communications, awareness-raising campaigns and environmental journalism for a range of organisations at both national and grass-roots level, and for virtually every sector of the public you care to think of: community groups, visually impaired people, local government, farmers, schools, green advocates, and socially disadvantaged groups. She can put myself in the shoes of target customers and know how to craft a story that will grab their hearts and minds.

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