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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Winners of #FreeWeb4SDGs #BatchNOV2020 Applications – 2nd Release

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We are glad to announce the winners in the 2nd Release of the #BatchNOV2020 applications.

1. Translating Education into Action for Development, Uganda

TEAD’s theory of change is that, “by availing and supporting youth with knowledge, leadership and other skills necessary to raise income, we will be able to support the next generation to grow, thrive and overcome these challenges to realize developed communities in the next decade.” The organisation’s core focus is on SDG 3, 4 and 13.

Twitter: @ResilientYouths

2. Selfless Mavericks Arousing Radical Transformation Gang (SMART-Gang), Nigeria

SMART-Gang’s primary focus is education and they work specifically to achieve SDG 4 which is Quality Education.

Twitter: @WeAreSmartGang

3. Awareness Foundation on Drugs and Substance Abuse, Nigeria

Yafoda was initiated to advocate for the reduction in the menace of drug abuse in schools, community, teens, women especially in Northern Nigeria.

Twitter: @OnYafoda

Award Notification

All winners should be expecting an Award Notification email that will detail their Unique Application Number and how to complete the Content Release Form prior to the commencement of the design of their websites.

Last Words

We thank the Assessment Committee for the great work done and congratulate the winners in the 2nd Release of this batch.

With this announcement, our Application Portal is hereby closed for the year 2020. See you in January 2021.

If you have any suggestion on how we can improve on our Free Website programme, please drop it in the comment box below.

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