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Saturday, September 30, 2023

Winners of #FreeWeb4SDGs #BatchNOV2020 Applications – 1st Release

We are glad to announce the winners in the 1st Release of the #BatchNOV2020 out of the 15 applications we received.

1. Alive Foundation, Nigeria

Alive Foundation is a NGO who offers different charitable efforts to the less privileged, orphans and students in the society through advocacy, charity and empowerment.

We offered a Free Website to Alive Foundation on November 13th prior to this announcement.

Twitter: @Alive_Foun

2. Youth For The Environment Nigeria

Youth For The Environment Nigeria is an entirely youth-led movement that focuses on developing and promoting approaches to address deforestation and degradation of Nigerian environment, and combat biodiversity loss, in ways that is compatible with nature conservation and climate change mitigation and adaptation, capacity building, and production of food in an environmentally friendly manner via the agroecological approach. 

Twitter: Env_Reform

3. Women Rights and Sustainable Society, Nigeria

WRSS empowers women (particularly young women) to be better positioned to make informed choices that constructively impact them and their wider community, and also to meaningfully engage in decision making processes that affects them. 

Twitter: @WomenRightSust1

4. Nigeria Youth Climate Network

Nigeria Youth Climate Network is a registered and entirely youth-led non-governmental initiative that is advancing actions in the health and well-being, climate, and ecological restoration space in Nigeria, empowering young people to lead on community development actions, equipping them with skills and competence needed to create sustainable solutions to local challenges and beyond, and connecting them with the global community to expand professional networks. 

Twitter: @NNYOCN

5. GreenWithGrin, Nigeria

GreenWithGrin is set to raise communities of environmentally conscious individuals who will be deliberate about making lifestyle changes to promote environmental sustainability and combat climate change.

Twitter: @GreenWithGrin

6. EmpowerHer Initiative, Nigeria

The primary focus of EmpowerHer Initiative is to connect women and girls in low-income communities with opportunities for financial inclusion and economic empowerment, so that they are self-sufficient enough to provide the basic necessities for the quality education of their children.

Twitter: @EmpowerHerI

7. Coalition For GreenPease, Cameroon

Coalition for Greenpease is an environmental conservation non-government organization. aimed at protecting the environment from waste materials, it does this through collection, recycling of these waste materials into useful products. 

Twitter: @CGreenPease

8. Suavers Lead Initiative, Nigeria

Suavers Lead Initiative, is an organization led by vibrant youths who put in their efforts to achieve the global goals (SDGs). The initiative’s focal targets from the goals are; SDGs 1 (No poverty) 4 (Quality Education) 13 (Climate Actions) and 17 (Partnership for the Goals) respectfully. Our slogan is “Striving for positive outcomes.”

Twitter: @SuaversLead

Award Notification

All winners should be expecting an Award Notification email that will detail their Unique Application Number and how to complete the Content Release Form prior to the commencement of the design of their websites.

Last Words

We thank the Assessment Committee for the great work done and congratulate the winners in the 1st Release of this batch.

The 2nd Release of the #BatchNOV2020 will be on the 1st of December 2020 to close the year 2020.

If you have any suggestion on how we can improve on our Free Website programme, please drop it in the comment box below.


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