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Saturday, September 30, 2023

Winners of #FreeWeb4SDGs Batch 01JUL2020 Applications Batch

We are glad to announce the winners of this Batch 01JUL2020 out of the 25 applications we received.

1. O’ Green World Initiative, Nigeria

O’Green World is a voluntary movement with the vision to reach out to the world via planting trees, staging campaigns and organising seminars to stop deforestation.

O’Green World is the winner of the 100th Application promo.

Twitter: @Ogreen_world

2. Initiatives for Nigeria

The primary focus of Initiatives for Nigeria is improving learning outcomes for children in disadvantaged communities and shelter homes, which corresponds with the goal of increasing access to quality education of SDG4.

Twitter: @iNitiatives4NG

3. The Graciella Initiative, Nigeria

The Graciella Initiative’s focus is on the African Girl Child; empowering and providing safe spaces for the African girl to thrive, especially in the reduction of  child marriage in northern parts of Nigeria via their Girlducate project.

Twitter: @GirlVoiceAfrica

4. Ubunteam, Cote D’Ivoire

UBUNTEAM is engaged in promoting free/open sources software in developing countries and also defending digital rights for digital inclusion.

Twitter: @Ubunteam

5. Youths Inspiration, Ghana

Youths Inspiration believes in the power and potential of youths to create solutions to the most pressing challenges of our time. Driven by this belief, the initiative aims to support youths to create positive change towards a more inclusive, fair and sustainable community.

Twitter: @Youths_Inspire

6. Nature-Sustainers, Nigeria

Nature-Sustainers is an international initiative committed to mobilizing nature-based solutions in climate change mitigation, with the primary focus of contributing to managing nature sustainably to contribute their quota to fight against climate change.

Twitter: @NSustainers

7. AIESEC Raise A Kid project, Nigeria

The Raise a Kid project is a local project championed by the Lagos Branch of AIESEC in Nigeria, with the aim of providing access to full quality basic education for the out of school children in Sogunru Ago Ogu community of Iwaya Lagos state.

Twitter: @AISECinLagos

8. Plogging Nigeria Club

Plogging is a combination of jogging with picking up litter. It is a workout that provides variation in body movements by adding bending, squatting and stretching to the main action of running while simultaneously picking up improperly discarded garbage along routes of a plog.

Twitter: @ploggingnigeria

9. Domestic Workers Association of Zimbabwe

DWAZ is aimed at bringing together Zimbabwean domestic workers in and outside Zimbabwe, with a focus on capacity building, advocacy work, training and empowerment of domestic workers.

Twitter: @DWAZimbabwe

10. Drug Free Africa, Uganda

Drug-Free Africa promotes Drug Abuse Free Communities in Africa through collective impact models, WHO/UNODC evidence-based prevention interventions, strategic prevention framework, and cultural competency.

Website: www.drugfreeafrica.org

11. Always For Nature, Nigeria

All For Nature’s  primary focus is the spread of knowledge on environmental sustainability and publishes educative posts on varying topics such as waste, biodiversity, climate, and past environmental events.

Twitter: @alwaysfornature

Award Notification

All winners should be expecting an Award Notification email that will detail their Unique Application Number and how to complete the Content Release Form prior to the commencement of the design of their websites.

Last Words

We thank the Assessment Committee for the great work done and congratulate the winners in this batch.

We will soon open up the application portal for another batch and those who did not make it in this batch are encouraged to tidy up the content of their application and re-apply.

If you have any suggestion on how we can improve on our Free Website programme, please drop it in the comment box below.


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