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Saturday, September 30, 2023

Taiwo Adewole and the Fight for the Environment

Good morning all.

Today is Tuesday, 14th July 2020 and the time is 10.00am GMT prompt.

You are all welcome to today’s GoalsKeeper of the Week #TweetChat and on the hot seat is Mr. @TaiwoAdewole.

Thank you for finding time to be with us. I strongly believe we shall have a great moment together this morning by strengthening our relationship and forming a mutually-benefiting network.

The Preamble

This TweetChat is tagged “GoalsKeeper of the Week TweetChat,” and it affords us the opportunity to connect with SDG initiatives and goalskeepers and ask them about their programmes.

The chat will be in a thread, and while we ask questions, our guest will answer with the reply tab.

You are free to respond to any of the questions and answers using the reply tab and remember to use the hashtag #FreeWeb4SDGs.

Once more we welcome our special guest today, @Mr. @TaiwoAdewole. Let’s give you a brief about this down-to-earth man we are chatting with today.


Taiwo Adewole is an environmental expert of 17-year experience, and a consultant with specialisation in waste management, health and safety management and other environmental related issues.

He is the Managing Director and Chief Consultant of Taiwo Adewole and Associates, an environmental consultancy services firm based in Lagos. We had the privilege of developing their website – www.taaassociates.org.

He is one of the International Visitor Leadership Programs participant of Urban Environment Issue in the United States, and the Executive Director, Recyclepoints Nigeria.

Taiwo is the Executive Director, Sustainable Waste Recycling Community of Nigeria and the Country Manager, Coalition for Climate change, United Kingdom.

He has written series of papers and abstracts for international conferences on the environment and related matters.

Taiwo holds a M.Sc. in Environmental Resources Management and B.Sc. in Geography and belongs to several professional associations including Nigerian Environmental Society and Chartered Institution of Waste Management U.K. (Affiliate).

Since we have now know the pedigree of our guest, let’s now go to the questions we have for him today.

Questions and Answers Time

@FreeWeb4SDGs Q1:

The issue of environmental degradation is a front-burning issue in the world and a major concern in the Sustainable Development Goals. Can you tell us how you get involved in fighting for the environment?

@TaiwoAdewole A1:

The fight stated as far back as 1999 after my 1st degree in 1999 on the issue of waste management and in 2000 during my NYSC on the issue of climate change and erosion in the South East, Nigeria. By 2003 I started getting internal invite to speak on climate change & waste management.

@FreeWeb4SDGs Q2:

Thanks for the answer and that engagement that must have evolved into this next question. As the Managing Director/Chief Consultant of Taiwo Adewole and Associates, do the government, organisations and the people see the need to consult environmental consultancy organisations like yours?

@TaiwoAdewole A2:

Yes, based on our experience we have carried out projects for international clients and we still have some ongoing and several for government at federal, state and local government level and of course the private sector and we so much belief in partnership.

@FreeWeb4SDGs Q3:

What has been the impact of your organisation in environmental advocacy, impact assessment and consultancy?

@TaiwoAdewole A3:

 So many. Like I said, we believe in partnership and as the saying goes, a tree does not make a forest. We have come up with lots of advocacy as far back as 2007, when we partner with the Lagos State Environment Ministry to host the World Environment Day organized the First National Climate March in Nigeria in December 2007 and supported by the Lagos State Waste Management Authority (LAWMA). We organized the 1st Environmental Awareness Workshop on Pollution and Pipeline Vandalism for the Niger Delta, Nigeria stakeholders on July 2 and 3, 2009 just to mention a few.

@FreeWeb4SDGs Q4:

It’s clear that your passion for the environment is exemplary. Now the next question. Have we done enough to help people understand issues of plastic, waste, aquatic and other environmental pollutions and their effects on climate change?

@TaiwoAdewole A4:

We have not done enough honestly. The drainages are filled with plastics and wastes, we are still grappling with indiscriminate waste dumping and increased environmental pollution and degradation.

@FreeWeb4SDGs Q4a:

It is quite unfortunate that we have not done enough. What else or more can we do to win this pollution fight?

@TaiwoAdewole A4a:

A full un-politicized policy implementations and attitudinal change of Nigerians will go a long way.

@FreeWeb4SDGs Q5:

Do the majority of the general populace actually know and embrace the fact that they can actually make money from the waste being produced in their homes?

@TaiwoAdewole A5:

The greatest challenge has to do with awareness and enlightenment. Majority don’t know they can make money and also get incentives from waste they generate. They don’t know that they can turn their waste liability into asset but a time come you will see people fighting and claiming ownership of recyclables items.


Thanks for your elucidation. You are in Lagos and understand the problem with waste management in Lagos. What is the REAL solution to this menace, even as we appreciate the inputs of the organisations like the Lagos State Waste Management Authority, Lagos Waste Reporters, PSP Operators, WeCyclers, Pearl Recycling and RecyclePoints?


The simple solution is UN-POLITICISED policy implementation.

@FreeWeb4SDGs Q6:

Thanks for the response to @SurprisingLagos. As the Executive Director of RecylePoints, an award-winning and a major waste recycling plant in Nigeria. What has been the general response of Nigerians, especially Lagosians to the culture of recycling?

@TaiwoAdewole A6:

Nigerians especially Lagosians are embracing our initiatives and presently we have over 10,000 registered subscribers and 200 waste pickers and several corporate bodies who are now recycling under our initiatives.

@FreeWeb4SDGs Q7:

Waste management is a major concern in Nigeria. What should be the appropriate un-politicised response by the government and the people to this menace?

@TaiwoAdewole Q7:

Policy implementation is the greatest hindrance to the issue of waste management. Looking at the following fantastic section of the Sanitation and Waste Control Policy from the National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA) with the special attention to the following Section 11,13,16,18,24, and most especially  section 32 and 66 and finally Schedule VIII and IX,  they  all lay emphasis on waste management and waste recycling BUT greatest issue is  IMPLEMENTATION.

@FreeWeb4SDGs Q8:

Based on your experience over the years, do you think we can win the fight for the conservation of our environment?

@TaiwoAdewole A8:

Yes, WE CAN with determination, attitudinal change in individuals and full un-politicized policy implementations.

@FreeWeb4SDGs Q9:

What do we still need to do to make sure that the environment sector is not left behind as we strive to accomplish the SDG mission by 2030?

@TaiwoAdewole A9:

Full un-politicised policy implementations AND attitudinal change of Nigerians will go a long way.

@FreeWeb4SDGs Q10:

What is your final word as we round up this TweetChat?

@TaiwoAdewole A10:

It is time we start turning our waste liabilities into assets, less talk,more action.

Words of Thanks

Thank you so much Mr. @TaiwoAdewole for finding time to be with us today, and we are very grateful for the insights we have gotten from you.

We also thank our followers who have been with us today and want to let you know that we appreciate the time you have spent with us.

Next Edition of “GoalsKeeper of the Week”

The “GoalsKeeper of the Week TweetChat,” is a weekly programme and we shall be going to Burundi next week, Tuesday, 21st July 2020 as we have Mr. Audry Rusangwa of Ishaka2250 on the hot seat. Save the date.

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Bye Words

Thank you once again for the time we have spent together today. See you next Tuesday.

COVID-19 is real. Please stay safe. Wear nose mask. Wash your hands. Stay at home.

If you have any question for Mr. Taiwo Adewole, please use the comment section below. We will get him to answer you.


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