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Monday, March 27, 2023

A Tree Planted for Every Follower

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Did you know the Ugandan-born Asiimwe Mourine? She is an unapologetic Climate Activist, the 2018 winner of the Kidepo Valley N.P. Conservation Award and Miss Conservation Kigezi, 2019/2020. Mourine is also the Organiser of Plant a Tree, Plant Hope Campaign with the commitment to plant 10 million trees in Uganda.

Mourine has a twitter account, @MourineAsiimwe, and for every single follower she plants a tree. As one of her followers, a tree tagged #75 was planted on 25th May 2020 in the name of Free Web 4 SDGs. We thanked Mourine for this.

Recognising her commitment to save this earth, we decided to reward her and build a completely free website for her campaign. We shall be responsible for the registration of the domain name and hosting for a period of one year, in the first instance. We will keep you updated on the progress made on the website.

Wondering, how best to encourage Mourine? All you need do is to follow her Twitter account and you will achieve three things:

1) You have encouraged her  tree-planting campaign.

2) A tree will be planted in your name.

3) You have mitigated climate change.

Take an action NOW, follow @MourineAsiimwe and have a tree planted in your name.

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